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Helsinki, Finland

You know what I remember about Helsinki?! There’s an old tv ad back home in the Philippines when the father askedView full post »

Stockholm, Sweden

Back to traveling alone again. It has been several years after I went on a solo trip and I wonder why I waited so longView full post »

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one the most beautiful cities that I have ever been to. Seriously, the city is a real masterpiece! I spent aView full post »

Mauthausen Concentration Camp

On the way to Prague, we had the chance to visit the Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Austria. Mauthausen is one of theView full post »

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one the most romantic cities that I have been. The entire city is filled with baroque architecture andView full post »

Budapest, Hungary

I bet you’ve heard George Ezra’s song Budapest which is always played on the radio a couple of months ago.View full post »

Belgrade, Serbia

After traveling through Dubrovnik and Saravejo, I eagerly anticipated seeing the “other side to the story”.View full post »

Dubrovnik, Croatia

It’s not hard to think why HBO’s Game of Thrones producers chose Dubrovnik to be the location of King’View full post »

10 Pictures that will make you want to visit Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Popularly known as ‘King’s Landing’ by the hitView full post »


It has been 20 years since more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys were massacred inside a UN safe haven, Srebrenica, byView full post »

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Known by many as the Jerusalem of Europe due to its religious diversity present within the city, Sarajevo has not onlyView full post »


My fascination to Mostar started when I caught one episode of  Rick Steves’ travel show in PBS . He featuredView full post »

Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro is roughly the size of Connecticut. For much of the 20th century, this country was a part of the formerView full post »

Tirana, Albania

Ask people what they know about Albania and most will have to confess they know very little about this country. MaybeView full post »


Before my trip to Greece, I had never heard of Meteora. Greece is known for Athens and the Acropolis, beautiful beachesView full post »


Named after the goddess Athena, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. The city prides itself for being theView full post »

Delos Island

We spent the morning exploring Delos Island, a small island 30 minutes by boat from Mykonos. According to Greek myth,View full post »