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London, England

After a year of excitement, Roel, Olga and I are now ready to go for the first time in Europe with Contiki. I remember that night in that Chicago hotel when we were still talking about booking this trip and now it finally happened.

As we touched down at the Heathrow Airport and hearing those English accent while waiting for the immigration, I know that this trip will be fun. London was just amazing. I have never seen so many gorgeous buildings in my life not even comparable to Chicago skyscrapers.

To get around, we took the tube (underground subway). This extensive network of 12 lines can get you to most places in the center of the city quickly.If you know how to read maps and not too shy to ask you won’t get lost. I took tons of photo in almost major attractions. Thanks to Egay who helped us explore the city and of course for buying us dinner!


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