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I’ve always seen the photos of Stonehenge in some default screensavers in computer and I thought of visiting this place someday. That’s why when we were planning about this Europe trip, we made sure to see this monument while we are in London.

Stonehenge is considered as one of the most ancient monuments in the world. Some historians claim that it it was built around 2500 BC. It is still not clear why the stones existed. Some consider Stonehenge to be an altar for sacrifices, whereas others consider it as a tool for astronomy.The park was small, it was in the middle of an open greenfield. 

If you’re in London you should try to visit the monument, it was really something to see in person. I was impressed about its simple architecture, although we weren’t allowed to see it closely as it was all roped off. It’s pretty amazing  how the ancient people managed to move and haul those huge stones.




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