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Oxford and Windsor

Oxford is known as the City of Dreaming Spires based on the architecture of the world famous buildings. Hitler was intending to use this city as his capital if he conquered England which is one the reasons it was not bombed. 

Oxford for  me is like a town within a university. While the town seems quite, you feel that it exudes an academic feel just walking through it. There are pubs, tea rooms and bookstore everywhere and seeing those old buildings give you a pretentious feel on what is like to study on this prestigious university town.


You don’t need a personal invitation from the Queen to visit her weekend home but you need to buy your tickets to see it. Windsor Castle is located in the Royal Borough of Windsor.  The surrounded area has a gorgeous, walkable downtown with plenty stores and gift shops along Thames Street.

Because the castle is used as a royal residence for the Queen, there are plenty of areas which you are not allowed to go to. Once inside, you are prohibited to take photos so I just used this moment looking at paintings, armors and some creepy doll’s house from Queen Mary.

In addition to Buckingham Palace, you can also watch the Changing of Guards ceremony here at Windsor.


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