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Edinburgh, Scotland

Before the tour began, we already planned to do a sidetrip to Scotland. Scotland is not an independent country. It is one of four countries which form the sovereign state of United Kingdom along with England, Northern Ireland and Wales.We enjoyed the scenic train ride which is about 45 minutes from London (I’m glad there was a free wifi!). We mainly visited the city of Edinburgh which is in the south east of Scotland.

At the train station

Platform 9 3/4 @ King Cross Station to get to Hogwarts


When we got off the train, I knew that I’ll fall in love with her. The architecture of the whole city was impressive, it was like you’re living somewhere next to Hogwarts. The whole town is filled with cobblestone, additionally the narrow alleyways along with tiny restaurants made the city more interesting. We went to the famous Edinburgh castle where you can have the amazing views of the city at the different vantage points. Some interesting stuff inside the castle were the Scottish Crown jewels, regimental and military museums but the three of us find it boring so we decided to leave the castle early  and just wandered around the nearby area.

Edinburgh Castle

I liked most the Royal Mile, a very historic place. It was like travelling in time. We fairly had nice walk and enjoyed snapping photos. With all this great ancient buildings, this area is one of the most eye-pleasing of Edinburgh, even though I have to say I found the whole city gorgeous.

Scots have a good sense of humor

It’s funny that we ended up eating in some fancy Thai restaurant after some sightseeing and did not try any local food. It was surprisingly good though.


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