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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yes, the rumors are true! There is a live sex show in Amsterdam! That awkward moment when you’re watching a  live sex show with someone you just met a day ago. Hahaha! That definitely breaks the ice. I will not go into details but the show is obviously interesting and I leave it all to your imagination what’s really happening inside.

Amsterdam is one of the liveliest cities I visited probably one of my favorites too. There are so many tourists in every corner, mostly large crowds of teenagers having the time of their lives. Well, I can’t blame them prostitution and marijuana are legal here.

The Red Light District is an eye opener. Where else you can find a street like this?! It’s quite liberating to see a nursery school, a church and a prostitution booth in one area. The women stand in the window offering up their services. Many of them were reading, texting or even drinking coffee while hanging out on the glass window waiting for some customers. I suppose it would get boring standing a booth all night. Tough job!

The city is not known only for its Red Light District but also for its canals, windmills and bicycles. Literally, thousands of people riding their bikes, they’re just everywhere. The canals are lined with gorgeous gabled houses and the narrow alleys are filled with shops making the city more inviting. There are also good museums to see (besides sex museum) like the famous Van Gogh and Anne Frank.

Another thing to do is to visit Cheese and Clogs factory. Do you know Edam, Gouda and Leiden? Actually, I dont know them until after this visit, I only know Eden and I’m not a really a “cheese” person. (I’m just cheesy).

There are some clogs for souvenir but there are more interesting stuff in the market like this:

We went also to the Flower Market to see tulips, unfortunately it’s not its season so I ended up snapping photos of tulip bulbs (which looked like onions) instead.

Coffeeshops, may be confused with coffee houses or cafes. A coffeeshop is a licensed seller of cannabis product. A coffee house sells coffee and light meals like the Starbucks and a cafe is just a casual bar. Just look for a green and white sticker in the window and you’re good to get high.

I have never tried any prohibited drugs before and I don’t smoke either, but heck, I am in Amsterdam and I should experience their culture. So I took few hits and tried their space cake too and honestly I didn’t feel stoned.

It was the first big night for the group and we really enjoyed the city. It was a great way for everyone to meet especially at the river cruise. With alcohol and loud music around it becomes a lot easier to talk to everybody.

So Amsterdam, when will I see you again?


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