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St. Goar, Germany

The Rhine Valley is Germany’s longest river and one of the most scenic all over the country. It is known for its medieval architecture, castles and for the wine that is produced in the nearby vineyards. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.scenic river cruise

According to our tour manager, these beautiful castles at the top of the hills are now converted to hotels. Pretty cool eh?! We enjoyed the river cruise along the valley, just looking to those beautiful castles and houses along the shore line together with the perfect sunny weather was a pure bliss.

perfect sunny day

We stayed in St. Goar, a little one-street town. It is home to the biggest free standing Cuckoo clock and biggest authentic Beer Stein in the world.

the biggest free-hanging cuckoo clock in the world


After wrestling my luggage up to flights of stairs, we went to a barrel tasting at a local winery. This area in Germany produces a phenomenal “ice wine” which is wine harvested from frozen grapes.

The wine maker said that ice wine is significantly more expensive because up to 8 times the amount of grapes are needed to produce the wine. Actually, I like the sweet taste of it.


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