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Lucerne, Switzerland

Have you ever seen a postcard-perfect country? Switzerland will be on the top of my list. We stayed in Lucerne, a beautiful city surrounded by lake and Swiss mountain backdrop.

The Chapel Bridge

The city is known for its Chapel Bridge which was built in 1333, making it the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. The bridge is unique since it has murals on it back from the old century.

One of the excursions was to visit Mt. Pilatus. Legend says that Mt. Pilatus was named  because Pontious Pilate was buried here. On the way to the top, I was fascinated by the amazing views of the city. It was snowing when we reached the summit, although I’m used to this snow I was still happy because it was my first in Europe! The views from the top were breathtaking as once the cloud lifted I could see the scenery below us and it really put into perspective how high we actually were.

At that night I went out together with some of the younger tourmates to experience Swiss nightlife.

We enjoyed the river cruise in Lake Lucerne the following morning. The weather was sunny but breezy. There is something very peaceful about this quiet lake tucked in between the Swiss Alps. It is curiously shaped surrounded by mountains on most sides make every view spectacular, it’s best to just relax and take in the atmosphere.

That afternoon we had a free time and I used this moment to relax and just wander around the city.
Switzerland is fast becoming one of my favorite countries, especially because of its extravagant beauty. One down fall about that I can think of is that it’s pretty costly here compared to other major countries in Western Europe. Well, it’s expensive, but truly astounding!


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