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Tyrol + Innsbruck, Austria

It was a very long drive from Switzerland to Austria and we had a quick stopover in Liechtenstein. The drive was just scenic, suddenly our tour manager played the Sound of Music. He told us a little trivia that the movie was shot in Austria, particularly in Salzburg.  It  makes sense because the hills are really alive with the sound of music! Insert singing Jeff!- You are sixteen going on seventeen….Baby it’s time to think….I should stop, I’m so gay now.Lol Roel, Olga and I signed up for the next excursion in Tyrol, a popular white water rafting town. At first I was a bit hesitant since I don’t know how to swim. There were so many rafting activities in Colorado, in fact my apartment was just a few steps from the river but I didn’t have the balls to do it. I don’t know what I was thinking at that moment but I’d like to try it. At least my first water adventure happened in Austria! If I die that day, I imagined someone saying “At least he died being adventurous in the river of Austria!” Sounds cool right?!Anyway, the weather was cold and so was the river. We had these smelly thermal suits on and after a bit of safety tips and orientation,we were good to go.

Say cheese!

The first time I got into the raft my instinct knew no bounds. I wedge my toes into the boat tightly and did everything to stay on board. It wasn’t scary as I expected. I just let all my fears be gone. Roel and I were in front paddling the boat. The trick was if there were strong currents, just paddled it hard. I thought I’ll be losing one of my arms just doing it! Hahaha! I was just hoping our boat will not flip. I don’t want to fall out and getting trap underwater helpless. But the the thrill increased along the way and then I completely let go. Besides the excitement, the backdrop mountains was just gorgeous. Overall, I enjoyed it. Congrats Jeff!

Who said that I can never do it?!

Next stop was the city of Innsbruck. Located in the heart of Tyrol mountains, Innsbruck is an important crossroads between Germany and Italy. I was awed by the beauty of this town, as if I had taken a trip back in time to an era of knights and medieval merchants.

Fancy outdoor restaurants


with Sole

The lively pastel colored houses by the river

We went a short a visit to the Swarovski store but I didn’t find anything to buy (Yep! It was shining glimmmering crystals everywhere!). After the visit, some of my tour mates went bobsledding but I decided to just walk around the town. I think I was pretty contented for one adventure for the day.


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