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Florence, Italy

Set on the River Arno, Florence is the capital city of Italy’s Tuscan region.  We started the tour in a leather factory with a brief demonstration on leatherworking. The only thing I remember is that it is false to say genuine leather won’t burn when a lighter is held up to it. Though they have made wonderful leather goods, I think they’re quite expensive.

overlooking Florence

Florence is a beautiful Renaissance city. It has so much art. You will find history and culture in every corner, tucked among the city’s churches, museums and piazzas. If you’re a history and art fan, you should save a major portion of your trip in Florence when going to Italy.

who would have thought?!


Duomo. The huge cathedral dominates the skyline of Florence. Completed in the early 1400’s, you will find amazing details and painting like contrast on its facade. The dome designed by Brunelleschi is the third largest in the world (only St Paul’s in London and St. Peter’s in Vatican are larger)

Piazza del Duomo

Galleria dell’ Academia.  You will find Michelangelo’s “David” here. It certainly holds the title of the most recognizable statue in the history of art. David is said to be the Mona Lisa of the sculpture word. Unfortunately, since we don’t have much time to go inside, I just took photos of the replica of David outside the museum.

Pardon the penis!

Piazza Della Signoria is a picturesque square full of statues. The Palazzo Vecchio (old palace) is the backdrop of this tourist piazza and it’s the former home to the ruling Medici Family. The palace and its apartments were featured in the movie Hannibal.

Ponte Vecchio. There are houses situated alongside the bridge. That’s gotta be something to wake in the morning with views of the city. The entire area around the bridge is crowded.  Although other people said that it was a bit overrated, I was still fascinated by the bridge. How many times do you get to walk on a bridge that was built in the 1300’s?!

Ponte Vecchio


We had a dinner in a lovely restaurant up in the Tuscan hills. The meal was okay and we were serenaded by a pianist/singer who looked like Meatloaf. I think I’m beginning to like wine now, ever since we got to Italy we always have overflowing wine served in almost every meal.

best buddies!

The evening ended partying in the club. I feel like a teenager again dancing and drinking. I had so much adrenaline that night maybe because I haven’t gone out for a long time. Bei tempi!


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