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Cannes, France

Pronounced can as in “can of coke” is home to the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival which takes place in mid-May. The city is much smaller and with a more intimate atmosphere than Nice. 

We had a quick trip from Monaco to Cannes. The train ride was about little over an hour. During the trip, we met some Filipinos going to Antibes, now I totally believe that like Chinese, Filipinos are everywhere! The weather was pretty hot when we got there so we decided to cool down first and eat lunch in a local Japanese restaurant.

Like a first time tourist, we spent the afternoon walking around the downtown, snapping photos and window-shopping along the Blvd de la Croisette where all the well-heeled visitors actually spend their Euros.

We did not have much time to explore but at least I had the idea now on what the city looked like every time I hear Cannes on TV.




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