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Nice, France

It’s really a nice small city in France but it’s pronounced as niece like your sister’s daughter. The French Rivera also known as “Cote d’ Azur” in French is the Mediterranean coastline of France which include main destinations like Nice, Cannes, Antibes and the small country of Monaco.

We arrived in Nice with great expectations on my mind.

We had a relaxing free day to explore the city. Half of it we did a quick trip to Cannes (on my next post). We came back around afternoon in Nice and we decided to go to the beach and stroll around. The beach was actually full of large pebbles. It was the oddest thing seeing pebbles instead of sands. However, the turquoise water and the landscape along the coastline was breathtaking. I envy those people biking and running on the sides. It must have been encouraging to be fitter if you have that kind of scenery everyday.

We stayed until late afternoon just walking along the shore. The one good thing about being there was to see the beach glorious sunset. It was actually amazing when the horizon turned into orange, it just enhanced the beauty of the city. I spent a good hour just walking and snapping tons of photos. Then afterwards I sat down at the edge of the bench facing the sunset and mesmerized that Nice is just a beautiful seaside destination. I would love to come back here.

The night ended in some sports bar with live band playing alternative rock music. It was hilarious since the waiter was literally walking at the tables while taking and serving orders.  After a few rounds of drinks, everybody was dancing on the tables, drunk and loud. Yeah it was fun and crazy!


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