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Avignon, France

It was a long drive going to Paris coming from the French Riviera. On the way, we stopped in Fragonard- a French perfumery shop, then a quick detour to Avignon and spent a night in Valence.

Known as the City of Popes, the walled city of Avignon was home to seven Popes throughout the 14th century, who protected their papal territory by building enormous fortifications. The city charms the tourists with its ancient streets, restored medieval rampants and the gothic architecture of the Palace of the Popes. At the foot of the palace is a large area filled with restaurants and cafes. We ate lunch here and I ordered a black paella a.k.a paella negra.Yum! Yum!

Paella Negra

The area wasn’t overly spectacular but it was a nice place to explore on foot especially with those cobbled streets and little shops on every corner. Avignon is a very historic site and if you are really into the history of the popes, then you might find this place interesting otherwise you’ll get bored. 

At night we stayed in Chateau de Fontager in Valence. The hotel is located in quite a remote village and it’s rumored to be haunted. As we explored the place, some parts of the hotel looked really creepy and eerie. I heard that the back of the hotel was a cemetery. Good thing that there was a swimming pool to distract us, at least we had fun dipping in the water. But I think the most exciting part of the place are the hallways because the lights will go off on their own. We later realized that we had to feel our way around the walls for the switch to turn the lights back on . I have to admit I freaked out the first time this happened as no one warned us of it.

The creepy hotel

We ended the night playing poker and sharing some horror stories. I’m just glad we only stayed for a night in this spooky hotel.


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