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At last, we are going to Monaco! I think everybody was excited because we all have to dress up for the night. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world and has always been the “it” area for the rich and famous. There are no airports in Monaco but it does have a heliport in Fontvieille. Most of the people arrive by car from France or Italy or by plane at Nice Airport. Another option is to catch a train from Nice that travels directly to the underground Monaco train station.

From the well-renowned Formula 1 Grand Prix and the luxurious Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco intrigues one by its glamour and the expensive way of living.

We drove up about 30 minutes from Nice to Monaco to one of the highest views of the city. Ryan, our tour manager, walked us through some pretty streets towards the palace before going to dinner. The streets were impeccably clean and I noticed that CCTV cameras were in almost every corner. We finally reached the vantage point overlooking the beautiful harbor of yacht and luxury cruisers. It was breathtaking. I got shivers just thinking how lucky I was to experience this kind of scenery.

you are being watched!

We had a great dinner afterwards at a local restaurant. I liked the food and the red wine made the meat tastier.

After dinner, we visited the Monte Carlo Casino. Two James Bond movies- Never Say Never Again and Golden Eye were filmed on this glamorous casino.The facade and the entire area of the square is parked with Ferraris, Aston Martins, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Lamborghinis and other exotic cars you can think of. Name it!

We had to pay 10 Euros to enter and we were not allowed to take photos inside. If you want to go inside the casino, don’t forget to bring a photo ID and wear smart- decent clothing.  The interior was fancy- heavy curtains and some gold embroideries were all over the place. As usual since were’nt t there to gamble I just wandered around looking at the interiors. Lol! I noticed that the whole casino area was quiet. I’ve been to Vegas and I think it’s more fun to gamble there. Maybe because big money was at stake that’s why everybody was so serious. For me the casino looked really old but you could really feel how elegant the place was. After a while, we went out to the nearby area to do some photo ops.

Underground train station


The next morning Olga, Roel,and I decided to go back for more adventure but it was too much adventure that we got lost. Hahaha!



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