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Versailles Gardens

Now I understand why Marie Antoinette lost her head over this palace. Versailles is just divine! The garden is just a quick train ride away from Paris. It is easy to get to. You just take the metro RER C to the end of the line and be sure to get off at the right stop to the palace. The train takes about 30 or 40 minutes each way.

From the train station, cross the road and at Mcdonalds turn left (towards the Starbucks). While you won’t come upon the Chateau from the front, the tree-lined streets on this side make the short 10-minute walk entirely pleasurable. Just follow the crowds there because most of them will go to the palace.

Louis XIV didn’t think the Louvre was big enough so he built the Palace of Versailles and in doing so he almost bankrupted France. I cannot imagine how much money royalty had back in those days and their vision to create such magnificent architecture is quite unimaginable.

We decided to spend half a day visiting just the gardens, not the chateau since we had a busy itinerary to follow. The gardens were huge and very well kept. It was early morning when we got there, so there were only a few of us walking through the gardens. The perfect daylight captured some of the best photos of Roel and Olga and the golden landscape of the gardens.

We spent almost 5 hours just admiring the scenery and the sunny weather made the trip more amusing. I think you should spend a day or two to explore the entire palace.

So if you’re in France you should definitely visit it. This is one of the world’s great wonders.



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