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Paris, France

Bonjour! Welcome to arguably the most romantic city on the planet. Have you seen the movie Midnight in Paris? The first 5 minutes silent sequence of the film from streets to monuments to the most scenic landmark gives you an idea how majestic the City of Lights is.

View from Montparnasse Tower

Anyway, we spent a day in a half in the city and I know it’s not enough to enjoy it but we really did our best to make the most of this trip. Arriving late afternoon, we only had little time to leave our luggage then had a quick dinner at the hotel.

After dinner we went back into our bus to go on a guided night tour of the city. We got to experience the traffic of Paris at night but I didn’t care since I was fascinated by the beauty of the city. After a few minutes of driving, I remember getting goosebumps the first time I saw the Eiffel Tower. Many others had only dreamt out of seeing her but now the fantasy was over. Surprisingly, she is not as tall as I expected. We walked through the park and most of the people there were sitting or walking around soaking up the atmosphere of this beautiful site. It took us a long time to get through the line, but It was definitely worth the wait. The view from the top was amazing. We were lucky enough to see her at night time, since she sparkled from time to time.

amazing view from the top

Going back to the hotel, we planned our itinerary the next day on how we can visit all the “must- see” spots in Paris. We divided our itineraries going to Versailles Palace in the morning, downtown Paris in the afternoon and a cabaret show in the evening. We woke up really early around 4 am to go to Versailles. At lunch, we were already back in the city. I’m glad they have a good metro system and we just followed the maps in our itinerary.

are we lost?!

We had the chance to go back to the Eiffel Tower. Who would not love to see her again?! She’s the icon! The tower standing 324 meters high was built in 1889 for the Centenary of the French Revolution and World Expo. There’s no doubt that the Eiffel Tower should be included in your bucket list. But for me, the experience was a little marred by the scammers and gypsies around the area. I hope the authorities would do something about it.

The Arc de Triomphe marks the start of the Champs Elysées which is the most famous street in France. The Arc is situated in the center of the world’s largest traffic roundabout. It is engraved with the names of generals who commanded French troops during Napoleon’s reign.

I know… I have the same pose

The Louvre is the second largest museum in the world (the Hermitage in Russia is #1). This is where Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is housed. We did not go inside as we didn’ t have enough time. Shame on us, we know….I regret that I did not see her. Well, probably next time… I promise!
Lastly, we went to see the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is considered as one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. It was constructed for over 182 years with the completion in the mid- 1300’s. The magnificent facade of twin towers is decorated with numerous sculptures and gargoyles.

After that tiring morning, we went back to the hotel to have a quick shower in time for the Nouvelle Eve Cabaret Show. The show was divided into singing, topless and can-can dancing, comedy acts and some acrobatics. It was boobies galore! Hahaha! Roel even had to get up on stage and be a part of the game which was hilarious. Too bad he lost. As Ryan told me, you will never win anything with an old man! The dinner served at the place was surprisingly good.

The next day, it was time to say goodbye. This journey opened my mind to many possibilities. I got to know so many people from different parts of the world. We became a family and we all looked out for each other. This trip made me realize that I can go outside my box and enjoy what this world has to offer. I was too afraid to try something new before but now I’m ready to embrace the change and throw myself over the edge.

I’ll see you again soon!

Au revoir.




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