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Pisac, Peru

The village of Pisac is located in the Sacred Valley on the bank of the Urubamba River. It has a vibrant market and amazing mountains with interesting Inca ruins. En route to Pisac, we stopped in Awana Kancha farm where we came across some cute llamas and alpacas. We had an up close and personal encounter with them by petting and feeding them with alfalfa. I’m proud of myself that I can differentiate the two now. Hahaha!  They come from the same camelid family and are both related to guanacos, vicunas, and even camels. The most notable difference between a llama and an alpaca is their ear shape. Alpacas have pear-shaped ears, while llamas’ ears are longer and banana -shaped. Here’s an interesting  fact: llamas spit on you when they aren’t happy. 🙂

Feeding the llama

hello there!


llama,guanaco, alpaca and vicuna


cute guanaco

Also in the farm were some local women weaving tapestries and a table with different types of potatoes and corn. The examples of natural products that were used to dye the alpaca hair and the broad range of colors produced were very impressive.

sample dyes


local woman demonstrating how to use the dye


all about potatoes


say cheese!


this kid loves to pose


the potato man

After visiting the farm, we hiked all the way to the top where the views of the terraces and valley below were amazing. It was interesting to know that across the site, you could see hundreds of holes honeycombing the cliff wall of the mountains. I was surprised that these are Inca tombs that were robbed before being examined by archaeologists.

with Amy and Anushia


cliff where the tombs were found


We went to the market afterwards in time for lunch. We ate at this small local eatery that served empanadas. The funny thing was the only person running the place was a 12- year old- looking boy. I was amazed at how quickly he got our orders and baked them in a wood-fired oven. Surprisingly, he spoke English well too! His empanadas are some of the best that I ever tasted second to Aunt Baby’s homemade empanadas from back home.

Pisac market


yummy emapanadas


the awesome empanada kid!


After lunch, I wandered around the market participating in Pisac’s best past times- people-watching and picture-taking! I was just overwhelmed and underwhelmed by the different goods for sale.


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