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Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is about two-hour drive from Phuket. The island found fame through the 1974 Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Today, it is popularly known as the James Bond Island.DSC_5488a

Before going to the island, we ate first in a local restaurant near the bay where delicious Thai food were served. I think among Asian cuisine, Thai food is one of the best! I just loved those spices and herbs mixed on my plate! ūüôā¬†We traveled by a long tail motor boat going to the island.¬†Along the way, we were treated¬†with¬† amazing¬†views of ¬†limestone cliffs, mangroves¬†and¬†pillars that jutted out of the the green water of the bay. Also, we got to see the floating Muslim village, Koh Pannyi!DSC_5345aDSC_5343aDSC_5342aDSC_5340aDSC_5311aDSC_5294aDSC_5166aDSC_5140aDSC_5106aDSC_4941aDSC_4919a

DSC_5578aDSC_5501aThe island was overly crowded when we arrived. It is dotted with tourists and vendors selling souvenirs, food and drinks.The island itself was stunning. It was a bit of a hike over a hill on some dodgy concrete stairs but worth the effort since I got my best photos there. It was a really nice day out despite the hot weather.I loved the scenery, but been there, done that now and feel no need to return.


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