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Moab, Utah

Just a couple of weeks before our road trip, I heard the news about the partial shutdown of the US federal government. My initial reaction? Nothing. I just continued eating my cereals while watching a rerun episode of The Big Bang Theory. Later that night, I found out that this stupid shutdown would cost me big time. After months of planning on crossing states to Utah and Arizona, all National Parks have been closed. I realized it was bad news to me. Most workers were furious, too. But I kept my fingers crossed that Thursday night hoping that before the end of the week the shutdown will be over. Sad to say it did not happen. Well, I had to think of another option (probably visit the state parks instead) while still pushing through with the 7-day road trip with Nino as planned.

It was an eight-hour drive to Moab in Utah and some roads were icy heading into the mountains of Colorado. Not that I did not enjoy the drive. I don’t even mind that I’m driving since the views there are scenic, but big hurrah to Nino for driving the other half of this trip. There was music.. lots of country music! 🙂  and food: from Cinnamon rolls to Doritos to Gummy bears!

We finally arrived Friday afternoon at Castle Valley Inn at the heart of Moab. It must have been our lucky day since the local state of Utah decided to open their National Parks starting Saturday. How cool was that?! And later that night, the state of Arizona had also opened the Grand Canyon National Park. Wohooo!

Anyway, we stayed for 2 nights in Moab, visiting the Canyonlands and Arches National Park. The highlights of this trip included our sunset hike to the iconic Delicate Arch (where I sprained my ankle), seeing the Canyonlands for the first time and eating the best breakfast at Castle Valley Inn!  Enjoy the rocks! 🙂

Red Cliff Lodge

Red Cliff Lodge


Early dinner with an amazing view




We’re all waiting for sunset


Hiking on the way to the arch



The famous Delicate Arch of Utah


Mesa Arch in CanyonLands


Grand View Point



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