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Cancun, Mexico

Hola Mexico! 🙂

We didn’t have a booze-soaked party vacation like the spring breakers do but rather a quiet and relaxing trip. We visited mainly Cancun which is located at the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The city is divided into two sections: the Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone), a 17-mile-long island where many hotel resorts are lined up and El Centro (Downtown), where most of the locals live.DSC_2963DSC_4298DSC_2793

DSC_2946DSC_4587When we arrived at the airport, I had this feeling that the immigration officer will ask me about Manny Pacquiao because of my Philippine passport. Well, sure he did! O you’re from the Philippines! Do you know Pacquiao?  *Oo naman po! Kapitbahay lang namin kaya siya. Minsan nga tumatambay pa yan sa amin!* Joke. I don’t know him personally but we, Filipinos love him. I answered. Then he said that he loves Pacquiao too because he gives a good fight. I just said that I’m a fan of Juan Manuel Marquez and I love Mexican food! Passport stamped! 😛DSC_2959DSC_4604DSC_5377DSC_5465

DSC_4680After immigration, we picked up our luggage and walked past a slew of resort salesmen who tried to lure us with this time-share ownership thing. Since we were not interested, we just walked passed them with a smile. Anyway, you can visit Mexico with just your Philippine passport (with no visa) provided that you have a green card or a valid US visa.DSC_4925DSC_4994 copyDSC_3984DSC_5797 copyDSC_4477DSC_5645

We stayed in the Hotel Zone at Inter-Continental Presidente Resort for 4 days.  I think the location is  perfect if you are looking for a quiet time  since their private beach had us feeling like we were the only people in Cancun. Plus, the beach had a soft white sand! 🙂DSC_3023DSC_2976DSC_4381DSC_5312DSC_4557DSC_4664DSC_3058DSC_4651DSC_2785DSC_4730

On the first day of our trip, there was tropical rain late in the afternoon. It rained for at least 2 hours or maybe longer so we didn’t have a choice but to stay inside the hotel and rest. Early the following morning, it rained again but it stopped before the sunrise. The clouds were starting to clear when we walked through the beach. Even though it was cloudy, the scenery was beautiful in the mist of the morning. It is written that Cancun has perhaps the bluest sea in the world and I can totally agree with it, the colour is quite amazing!DSC_4828DSC_4326DSC_5370DSC_4857DSC_4724DSC_5410DSC_5825DSC_5604DSC_2725 copy

I’ll write a separate post on our activities and day trips to the nearby town but overall, Cancun was a great place to relax and should not be missed out on because of a few bad stories. It was time well spent from eating authentic Mexican cuisine to just walking around the beach getting kissed by the sun.


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