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South Beach, Miami

South Beach is South Beach. What else is there to say? Where else can you have beach, sun, nightlife, shopping and great food all in one? People-watching will be enough reason for you to get you here. Seriously, people here are just gorgeous! I hope someday I could achieve to maybe look at least a quarter as good as these incredibly beautiful and fit human beings who parade their hot bodies on Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue, and all the streets in 018miami 026miami 280miami 317miami 325miami 047miami 098amiami 121miami 094miami 059miami 007miami 293miami 197

The good thing about this place is it doesn’t feel like you are in US anymore. It’s very diverse. You can hear different language from people all over the world. After a morning stroll, the liveliness and excitement continues into the wee hours and even if you don’t want to eat at some crazy expensive restaurants, you can still walk about and view booming live performances even after a late after-dinner drinks!miami 011miami 016miami 044miami 153miami 142miami 280m1miami 170miami 076miami 119miami 324miami 314m2miami 288miami 240

Enjoy SoBe!



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