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Key West

Key West was originally not part of our itinerary. But when our taxi driver suggested that we check the place out and experience their water sports, the excursion turned out to be one of the best decisions we made during the entire trip. It all started when we drove from Miami to Key West at a quite inconvenient and way-too-early-for-everyone time of 5am.DSC_6690DSC_6556parasailing1DSC_6242


We’re 90 miles to Cuba!

The southernmost tip of the Florida Keys is where you’ll find Key West. The island is about 90 miles from Cuba and it is closer to Havana than Miami. The trip was worth the four hours of driving since there was so much to see along the way and the island itself was pretty interesting. We booked the Ultimate Adventure Package through Fury Water Adventures. The all-day package included reef snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing and kayaking. This having been our first time in Key West, the whole experience was truly amazeballs!DSC_0003 2DSC_6260DSC_0050

I have to admit, I was extremely nervous thinking about parasailing. What if I fall into the water, or worse, what if I get disconnected and sail off into the island? But when we were on the boat and I was strapped in, I felt the excitement. It was a very smooth lift off and the view from above was calming. We got dipped a few times into the water, but nothing scary. That’s saying a lot coming from someone who hates roller coasters. Haha!sail2DSC_0006sail3_DSC1053prasailing2DSC_0008 2DSC_0022 2DSC_0053 2DSC_0034DSC_0046 2sail1DSC_0043

But the most exciting part for me was driving the jet ski. It was my first time to do this but the adrenaline rush of driving fast in the waves was nothing short of thrilling. I really pushed my boundaries this time. The snorkeling part was disappointing since there was only a few fishes in the sea. Oh well. At the end of the day, they opened up the bar for free drinks. Everyone was enjoying the scenery, soaking up the sun, listening to music and having a great time. I have to say that the afternoon sail was a blast.jet1a_DSC1224DCIM100GOPRODSC_6255

Afterwards, we went downtown to Duval Street. It runs around the coast for over a mile and is filled with every type of tourist shop imaginable. This cute little town is littered with hole-in-the-wall and open-garden type of restaurants as well as historic houses. We had fun walking around and looking for souvenirs. Finally, you could not leave Key West without having a piece of key lime pie… locally known as the best there is in the world. How I wish we could have stayed there for a day or two instead of just an excursion.DSC_6397

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway’s favorite bar!



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