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New York in Monochrome

There’s something about New York that always beckons me to go back. Whenever I’m here, I feel so alive… like a burst of energy takes over my body and takes my mind on a trip out of its comfort zone, on a feeling that anything is possible. The New York city lights and sounds are brighter and louder than usual this time because of the looming New Year (I was there on New Year’s eve, hence the writing’s choice of words).DSC00622east tour2 038beast tour1 862aDSC01077 copyDSC01284east tour5 208aeast tour5 013aeast tour5 193aeast tour5 200new york 025b

After having visited the Big Apple several times, I’ve grown to notice that it’s diverse culture is what draws me to it the most. At the back of my mind, I would definitely love to live here. There always seems to be something going on for different types of people at any given time at some special corner in the city. The hustle and bustle of the place thrills me. And yet, as they say, being here is both to arrive and to depart. For someone like me who craves travel and lusts for world exploration, this saying is true.DSC01246aDSC00648DSC01056east tour4 099east tour2 108lookeast tour5 161aeast tour5 218east tour2 189aeast tour5 189

I’ve read somewhere that there are only two types of stories: a stranger comes to town, and a hero goes on a journey. Perhaps, I could live here contentedly–riding the subway, eating local food, going out for drinks at some swanky Manhattan bar or watch some shows on broadway. I can totally envision that life for myself. But as much as I’d love to be the former, I seem to want to be hero a lot york 001aDSC00641east tour5 172aDSC01066DSC00696aDSC00650DSC00764DSC01186new york 082mrtwallst
For right now, New York to me is a love affair that I would love to revisit one day. I might change my mind in the future, perhaps I could settle down here. The plane ride going back home was a bit melancholic. I was also dreaming. Maybe that’s my heart giving me a sign of things to come.


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