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Oia, Santorini

Slap me, I think I’m in a dream…

Santorini was the place I was most looking forward to see when I set off to Greece. It felt incredibly amazing just to be in the place that you’ve wanted to visit all your life. In fact, it was exactly like what you see in postcards and more.

This romantic Greek Island has often been connected with the lost city of Atlantis, the mythical continent that sank to the bottom of the sea. Suffice to say, Santorini is essentially what remains after a massive volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements. For what was once a single island, now consists of a water filled caldera, around which lie the main island of Santorini and several ones.

We stayed in Oia (pronounced as “ee-yah”) as I read that it was the most scenic (if you’ve seen a picture of Santorini, it’s probably from Oia) and charming town in the island. There is a reason why this small town is so popular among tourists. Even the Greeks from the other islands admitted to Oia’s picturesque beauty and appeal.  It really is, breathtakingly beautiful. One thing I didn’t realize before going was that you pretty much have an amazing view anywhere. If you’re looking for a hotel recommendation in Oia, I would highly recommend Esperas. Its location is beyond the main crowds of the town and you will experience a glorious sunset view with the comfort of being on your own balcony.

I just love waking up early just to catch the beauty of the morning sun. I fell in love with the famous blue-domed churches and the narrow alleyways that winded between the white-washed buildings. Sitting on a terrace enjoying the caldera view and watching the setting sun paint strokes of red and orange across the quiet sky was just magical.

I cannot find the words to describe what an amazing time I had so I thought I would just share my photos with all of you instead. (Of course, there are more photos in my next blog post!)

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