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Are you dreaming of Santorini?

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Fira (also called Thira) is the main town in Santorini. The town is located on top of a cliff and has a stunning view of the famous Santorini volcano. It is also where the cruise ships dock, and therefore the busiest. Fira is a little bit touristy to me but offered plenty of dining and shopping choices because of its central location.

Walking into the winding streets of Fira, it made me appreciate Oia a lot more. Oia is the less commercialized version of Fira and the shops there are more artsy and should I say classy. The landscape at Oia is way prettier too. As I have said on my previous post, Oia is what you see on most postcards depict Santorini. So we were lucky we decided to stay in that town although Fira has its certain charm too.

Anyway, I reckon that anyone and everyone who visits Greece, must also go in Santorini. The island did not disappoint. There is no other words to describe Santorini other than a picturesque dreamland.

Here are more photos of Fira and Oia!





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