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Mykonos Island

Most people would tell you that Mykonos is a party island, and it’s definitely true. If you want to party hearty, Mykonos is still very much the place to come. But as I grew older, I don’t usually revel in that many all night parties anymore like most of my friends do. However, Mykonos surprised me with its perfectly photogenic sugar cube houses and quaint alleyways that makes each photo Instagram perfect. #nofilter 😛DSC03690DSC_3262DSC03669myko1DSC_4233DSC_3095myk6

DSC_4338myk19DSC03866DSC_4005myk7Mykonos island is the exact opposite of Santorini, where Santorini’s main towns are high on the cliffs, the towns of Mykonos are nestled behind a sandy harbor. You can also see the landscape difference between the two, Santorini is all about blue domed roofs while Mykonos architecture are preserved cubist styles.DSC_3227myk9DSC_3758DSC_3115DSC_3900DSC_3224myk2DSC_4230DSC_3448DSC_3064DSC_3052

The history of the island, as with everything in Greece, is connected with the Gods. It has been said that Mykonos was the setting for the legendary battle between Zeus and the Titans. According to a myth, Mykonos was named from Apollo’s grandson, Mykons, though others claim it just meant “a pile of rocks” in keeping with the myth that Hercules fought the Giants in the aid of Zeus. After defeating them, Hercules threw the Giants into the sea where they turned into huge rocks that is now Mykonos. For decades, the island of Mykonos is now popular for its amazing nightlife, restaurants and beach clubs. Mykonos is often compared to the Ibiza island of Spain.DSC_4235


We spent 3 days here just admiring how beautiful this small island is. Above Chora (aka Old town) stretches a trademark row of five windmills, overlooking a tidy embankment so pretty they call it “Little Venice.” The people of Mykonos built the whole town like a maze to discourage would-be invaders from finding their way. Odites and I kept stopping every few minutes, thinking “Oh! This is the place!” then we would walk a little bit and say the same thing again! We lost count of how many times we got lost. Haha! But I can think of few places where getting lost is so enjoyable. I still remember my trip in Venice, where I got lost so many times. Surprisingly, I had the best photographs on those unexpected places.DSC_3195DSC03874myk14DSC_3049DSC04023DSC_4019DSC_3603myk10DSC03815DSC_3419DSC_3298myk13DSC_4267myk8DSC_3707

The real attraction here is simply strolling. Those old white buildings mixed with the pops of red, blue and green from the doors and bright bougainvilleas made for quite the scene. It’s even more spectacular in person and oh! there are also cats everywhere! Bliss!DSC03782myk3DSC_3468DSC_3362myk15DSC_3154DSC03731myk12DSC_3293myk17DSC_3270DSC04039myk18DSC_3287DSC03689DSC04056DSC_3405DSC03881


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