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Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro is roughly the size of Connecticut. For much of the 20th century, this country was a part of the former Yugoslavia, and from 2003 to 2006 it was a component of the federated union of Serbia and Montenegro. Finally, only as recent as 2006, citizens of Montenegro declared independence from Serbia, and formed the young nation it remains today.DSC04796DSC04719

The bus carried us into the winding road around the spectacular Bay of Kotor- a steep mountainside view with deep clear blue waters below. The ride was incredibly scenic, maybe one of the most scenic bus rides I have ever been to (the other that I can think of is Switzerland). Due to the terrain, it took us another hour to get to Budva, a small hip town in the eastern Adriatic.b4

DSC04767b7Just before getting to Budva, we passed a tiny island which is completely occupied by a group of houses. It used to be an old fishing village by the name Sveti Stefan. But the locals left and in 1951 only 21 people remained. It was clear there were no future for the village as a fishing village. Instead it was transformed from a poor fishing village to a high class summer resort island.b3

DSC04759DSC04802With a backdrop of dramatic mountains, nice beaches and an atmospheric old town, Budva is the prettiest of  the tiny towns and one of the most popular on Montenegro’s coast. It is also the “spring break” destination for young Russians and Serbians. We didn’t spend a long time in Budva, so I have no experience about the nightlife here but I’ve heard that this small town have the most exciting nightlife scene in Montenegro. Alongside the marina, you will see a lot of shops and restaurants that served  a variety of fresh seafood. At lunch, I ordered a stuffed squid and it was surprisingly delicious.DSC04697b8DSC04680

DSC04685DSC04692DSC04681DSC04683b1The old town of Budva is like a mini-Dubrovnik with its cobbled streets and venetian walls. It is actually pretty tiny – much smaller than I had thought. You can walk across it in about 20 minutes.There are not as many residents as there are bars, restaurants and shops all over the place. The city got destroyed in a big earthquake which hit the region in 1979 but it has been reconstructed in its original shape. Anyway, I only spent few hours in this city but managed to snap some amazing photos of the town.b5b6DSC04715DSC04724DSC04742


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