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Dubrovnik, Croatia

It’s not hard to think why HBO’s Game of Thrones producers chose Dubrovnik to be the location of King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The city is just enchanting! It’s no wonder why Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s one of the best preserved medieval walled cities on earth, which makes it a perfect location for some scenes from the hit show.DSC_5368DSC_5100DSC_5165cr3DSC_5515DSC05628DSC05264DSC04982DSC05314DSC_5479DSC05650cr5DSC_5470DSC05336

Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” – a name you will only truly understand once you have been there yourself, Dubrovnik is Croatia’s number one tourist attraction. Although the city can be viewed to be very touristy, it’s still one the most scenic cities I have ever set foot in. The old town is completely pedestrianized and its perpendicular streets provide a good exercise to wander around. The whole area is surrounded by myriad of small narrow streets that caters a wide range of shops, gelato stores, restaurants and bars awaiting for you to explore. When it comes to dining, I think Croatia’s food is heavily influenced by Italian cuisines, menus were overloaded with pastas, pizzas, grilled fish and seafood. Wandering around the cobblestone streets, I could not believe that only 20 years ago, a war was going on here in this city.The most recent one was the breakup of Yugoslavia, in which the city was badly affected by bombs and was besieged for around seven months. I must say that the reconstructions looks very impressive.DSC_5641

DSC_5616cr1DSC05656DSC04950cr2DSC05495DSC05341DSC05168DSC_5610DSC05144DSC05141DSC05132DSC_5790DSC04843DSC05023DSC_5414DSC_5773DSC05088The city walls of Dubrovnik have protected the citizens of the city for centuries.The view from the top have the contrasting colors of orange terra-cotta roofs with the crystallizing blue Adriatic Sea in the background. This was probably the first place I truly fell in love with. I literally stop taking photos and just soaked myself with the view. Although on the day that I visited, the weather was not particular great. It was extremely hot but it didn’t affect me to appreciate how beautiful this city is.DSC05274DSC05318DSC_5220DSC_5148DSC_5237DSC05487DSC_5360DSC_5088DSC_5335

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, be sure to do the walking tour which is a big attraction in the city. Our tour guide, really brought it all to life for us. She showed us some screen shots from her Ipad of the places that were filmed in the show, and linking the history of the city with plot lines in the show itself. During the tour, I couldn’t help but geek out over the fact I was in King’s Landing which I have been dreaming for sometime since the beginning of the show. Cheesy, I know—but I have been waiting this to be happened for a long time, that’s why I was ecstatic 🙂DSC05162DSC_5430DSC05612DSC05472

the infamous “walk of shame” scene

the infamous “walk of shame” scene was filmed here

DSC_5496cr4DSC_5120DSC_4988DSC_5474DSC_5490Taking a cable car to the top of Mount Srd is something that should not to be missed also.I would recommend going up to the mountain before sunset and enjoy the panoramic views of the city.DSC05528DSC05527DSC05540DSC05513DSC05554



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