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Belgrade, Serbia

After traveling through Dubrovnik and Saravejo, I eagerly anticipated seeing the “other side to the story”. If I am to compare this trip to a movie, Serbia would be the perfect villain. The fall of communism of Yugoslavia initiated the old grudges between neighboring cities that led to a brutal battle over territory. Serbia was involved in many Yugoslavs wars in the period between 1991 and 1999 attacking Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. After this war, Serbia became much smaller and less well-liked country in history.DSC06758DSC06583DSC06720DSC06577DSC06636DSC06672

We arrived in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia before dusk. The city is one of the oldest in Europe where the roads of eastern and western meet. Belgrade lies on two major rivers- the Sava and Danube. Exploring unknown streets, discovering street art, tasting traditional food and getting lost in the city were the few highlights on this trip. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised how friendly and warm the Serbians are. be2DSC06570DSC06797DSC06562DSC06689Untitled-1DSC06684

The first thing that surprised me about the city was the affordability. Especially if you’re coming from Western Europe, you will be shocked by how inexpensive the lifestyle here. Everything from food, to taxis to drinks at the bar were reasonably priced. In Serbia, a meal without meat is not considered a meal. I noticed that much of the street food is based on meat – everything from sausage, to steak, and chicken wings.DSC06822DSC06735DSC06704DSC06590DSC06669DSC06581DSC06726DSC06767DSC06817

I highly recommend taking a short hike up to the Belgrade Fortress. Along the way up, you’ll see old World War II artillery, learn about the battle that happened there, and finally see an amazing view of the city from the top. The best time to go there is during sunset, so you can witness the sun set over the two rivers.DSC06624DSC06632DSC06641DSC06628


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