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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one the most beautiful cities that I have ever been to. Seriously, the city is a real masterpiece! I spent a total of 3 days in Prague but there is still so much to see!  Known as the city of the thousand spires, Prague seems to be a magical place for many because of its majestic monuments, castles and a medieval old town that almost entirely intact. My trip to Prague was very different from the rest of my European journey, I don’t have any itinerary. I just step back and experience the city on my own will and at my own pace. The good thing about this city is that it’s very walkable.DSC09964DSC09489DSC09210DSC09079DSC09916DSC00409DSC00257DSC09100DSC09497DSC09231DSC09543DSC09580DSC09047DSC09734DSC09878

DSC00024DSC08891DSC09812DSC00237DSC00227DSC00005With impressive bridges, gorgeous old buildings cobblestone streets and outdoor cafes, Prague is the one place you should visit.DSC09996DSC09915DSC09695DSC09898DSC00160DSC09648DSC09559DSC09595DSC09690DSC00605DSC09431DSC09527DSC00507DSC08919

DSC00132DSC00378DSC00464DSC09047DSC09171DSC09337aDSC09382DSC09450DSC09553DSC09614DSC09667DSC09748DSC09833DSC09941Yes, I am not done with Prague yet and can’t wait to be back.



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