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Stockholm, Sweden

Back to traveling alone again. It has been several years after I went on a solo trip and I wonder why I waited so long to do it. Now the time has finally come!DSC00820DSC_7335DSC_7329DSC00979DSC01391DSC_8011

First stop is Sweden. Unfortunately, this trip didn’t start well. My flight in Chicago got delayed and that moment I already knew that I will also miss my connecting flight in Brussels . To add insult to injury, the airline lost my luggage and I got lost looking for my hostel too. Double whammy! But this situation didn’t stop me from smiling because the first time I saw Stockholm, all the negative energy was gone and I know this will be another memorable journey of mine.DSC01574DSC01485DSC01042DSC_7883DSC_7379DSC_7486DSC00948DSC01012

Sweden is not all about IKEA and H&M . It’s one of the few countries that might actually surprise you. The city is a very walkable and clean. Other travelers don’t like it because it’s tad expensive to travel here (which is partly true) but Stockholm is one city that you can easily fall in love with. I spent 3 days wandering around the gorgeous street of the city, sampling for foods, visiting museums and really just admiring the beauty of this Swedish capital. I must say that the Swedish are really friendly and speak English perfectly and as beautiful as their city.DSC00850DSC01243DSC01264DSC_7608DSC_7460DSC_7775DSC01171DSC01184DSC_7444DSC01607

One of the highlights of this trip was visiting Gamla Stan, also known as the Stockholm’s Old Town. The whole place is filled with beautiful old architecture, restaurants and little shops. Most of the buildings were painted yellow or red which is perfectly coordinated with each other. I spent most of my time in this area. It was just relaxing to walk though the narrow streets and cobblestone paths. By the way, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for a great hostel that is conveniently located inside the old town then I would highly recommend to stay at Castanea Old Town Hostel if you don’t mind sharing room with other people.DSC01731DSC01726DSC01732DSC01708DSC01513DSC01448DSC_7960DSC_7682DSC_7675DSC_7544DSC_7434DSC01256DSC_7692

Be sure to visit Vasa Museum, ABBA, the museum, Skansen, Spirit Museum, Royal Palace, Nobel Museum, City Hall and Fotografiska when in Stockholm. Believe me, I have not visited so many museums not until this trip.



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