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Mykonos Island

Most people would tell you that Mykonos is a party island, and it’s definitely true. If you want to party hearty,View full post »

Are you dreaming of Santorini?

Read part one here. Fira (also called Thira) is the main town in Santorini. The town is located on top of a cliff andView full post »

Oia, Santorini

Slap me, I think I’m in a dream… Santorini was the place I was most looking forward to see when I set off to GreeceView full post »

London 2015

It’s been almost four years since I last set foot in one of my favorite cities in the world. Still, London never failsView full post »

The Galapagos Adventure

Read part one here. We set out on the first expedition for the day, a hike to the summit of Bartolome Island. This isView full post »

The Galapagos Islands

Do you remember Charles Darwin? The man behind the theory of evolution? Sure I do I remember him when I was studyingView full post »

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Guayaquil is the largest city of Ecuador and the country’s main port. The city is situated on the western bank of theView full post »

Bogota, Colombia

Colombia stole my heart… We arrived in Bogota with a different perspective of what I thought Colombia was going to beView full post »

Panama City

Panama represents a contradictory mixture of old and new more than anywhere else in Central America. The city’sView full post »

New Year, New Journey

Here we are at the beginning of a new year- something we all look forward to every time the holiday season starts in theView full post »

New York in Monochrome

There’s something about New York that always beckons me to go back. Whenever I’m here, I feel so alive…View full post »

Foreign Film Recommendations

I love immersing myself in the culture of another country and one way to get to know them is through their films. I knowView full post »

We’ll always have Vegas!

Pretty much everyone who goes to Las Vegas never leave the city without dropping the cliched line “What happens inView full post »

Key West

Key West was originally not part of our itinerary. But when our taxi driver suggested that we check the place out andView full post »

The Heat and Art in Florida

We didn’t have a concrete plan when we arrived in Miami. We were like lost souls searching for the best place toView full post »

South Beach, Miami

South Beach is South Beach. What else is there to say? Where else can you have beach, sun, nightlife, shopping and greatView full post »

Puerto Rico

The good thing about traveling to this archipelago is that its just like going to any destination within the US –View full post »

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Taking a red-eye flight having had just few hours of sleep can be really exhausting. But after landing at San Juan’sView full post »