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Pisa, Italy

The leaning tower really needs no introduction because it’s just there…. leaning. Hahaha!  Prior to restorationView full post »

Florence, Italy

Set on the River Arno, Florence is the capital city of Italy’s Tuscan region.  We started the tour in a leatherView full post »

The Vatican

One of the things I was looking forward to was the visit to the Vatican. No, I’m not a very religious person but whoView full post »

Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the romantic classical destinations along with cities like Paris, Venice and New York in my opinion.View full post »

Venice, Italy

One of my dream destinations was really bound to happen. I was totally mesmerized about Venice after watching TheView full post »

Tyrol + Innsbruck, Austria

It was a very long drive from Switzerland to Austria and we had a quick stopover in Liechtenstein. The drive was justView full post »


10 Smallest Countries in the World 1.Vatican City – 0.2 square miles – The world’s smallest state, theView full post »

Lucerne, Switzerland

Have you ever seen a postcard-perfect country? Switzerland will be on the top of my list. We stayed in Lucerne, aView full post »

St. Goar, Germany

The Rhine Valley is Germany’s longest river and one of the most scenic all over the country. It is known for itsView full post »

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yes, the rumors are true! There is a live sex show in Amsterdam! That awkward moment when you’re watching a  liveView full post »

Edinburgh, Scotland

Before the tour began, we already planned to do a sidetrip to Scotland. Scotland is not an independent country. It isView full post »

Oxford and Windsor

Oxford is known as the City of Dreaming Spires based on the architecture of the world famous buildings. Hitler wasView full post »


I’ve always seen the photos of Stonehenge in some default screensavers in computer and I thought of visiting thisView full post »

London, England

After a year of excitement, Roel, Olga and I are now ready to go for the first time in Europe with Contiki. I rememberView full post »

Seoul Street Photography

I did not have a winter coat outside when I was in Seoul doing this street photography, I thought I’m used toView full post »

Seoul, South Korea

Have you heard about transit tour? Incheon (ICN) has to be one of biggest airport in the world, with the longestView full post »


It’s odd that I’m travelling to other countries but I have never been to the most famous beach in theView full post »


A combination of old colonial structures and high-rise modern casinos, Macau is just a vibrant city of mixed cultures.View full post »